Two Faced

Sunshine covered my face But I wasn’t happy all the time I really long for embrace But that will never be enough All smiles is what I’m remembered for Little did they know I was really sore Sore from all the cheerfulness Tired of all the happiness It’s just too much sometimes Really overwhelming, nice…

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Letting It Out

It’s like you are not allowed to be sad anymore It’s such a big deal when your smile turns upside down They don’t know how much you can store That’s why you need to let it out, it’s okay to frown They start to treat you differently when you show it That is not what…

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I Forgot Who I Am

I doubted myself I already concluded that I was helpless I looked above and asked why Obviously, it wasn’t enough when I tried I fenced myself Nobody could enter my life since it was a mess I stopped and closed my eyes and said What am I doing with my life I woke up after…

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