Two Strangers

Two strangers
Two completely different people
What are the odds that both hearts will connect
A mutual understanding that we’ll both never forget

I still remember when we first met
It was something I didn’t expect
Shivers and smiles when I knew
The one who felt it first was you

We aren’t each other’s first
We hoped to be each other’s last
But I guess this is how love goes
Not everyone can escape the awful woes

What happened to us
Neither one of us fought
All our feelings now down the drain
I wonder, were you also in pain?

I never knew your side
I wonder if you also cried
Sometimes I’d think of it as a dream
Because it never felt like a reality as it seems

We were just two strangers
That wished everything happened at right time
We almost had our forever
But now we might never have our next time


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