2018 Goals

I usually don’t do “New Year’s Resolutions” but I think writing down your plans is a great way to keep track and stay motivated to achieve your goals. I won’t tell all my plans for 2018 because there’s A LOT that I have in mind but here are just some of them and by the way, this is more of a motivational list. If I don’t achieve these goals, it’s totally fine for me. I guess hahaha.

  1. Travel to at least 3 countries – this excludes the Philippines. I mean it is where I came from so I really wouldn’t consider it as a dream destination of mine though I would definitely recommend it for those who haven’t been there.
  2. Make a lot of art – I feel like for someone who started art as a hobby/”job”, I haven’t done a lot of artworks lately.
  3. Be more organized – if you can see my room right now, it is like a dump site. It’s not really lady-like and I feel really embarrassed about it.
  4. Write more meaningful content – I feel like most of my posts are nonsense. I will definitely try my best to make my posts more acceptable and not posting something just so my blog has content in it.
  5. Be more private – for someone who claims herself as an introvert, I do let out my emotions to the public often and then regret doing that after LOL.

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