Apparently, I Don’t Look Like My Age

Have you experienced people around you getting shocked whenever you tell them you’re actually older than what they thought you were? At some point, it sounds like a compliment that you look younger than you really are but let’s face it, most of the time, you will never be treated like your age.

I am 23 years old. People around me think that I’m 21 or younger which is nice that I don’t look old yet. But thing is, they also treat me like I’m younger than 23 years old. I find it annoying when a person the same age as I am gets treated maturely and with respect and me, on the other hand, doesn’t because I look “younger”. Most people don’t take me seriously. Sometimes, I try to consider making friends with an older group but in the end, they make me their “baby”. I don’t know, I am just annoyed. This post turned into a rant. My apologies. 😂


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