Letting It Out

It’s like you are not allowed to be sad anymore
It’s such a big deal when your smile turns upside down
They don’t know how much you can store
That’s why you need to let it out, it’s okay to frown

They start to treat you differently when you show it
That is not what you wanted, you couldn’t just help it
It is not like you chose to be this way
But I guess it will never be enough whatever you are about to say

You just need some understanding
Needing some time alone doesn’t make you less of a human being
It would be nice if people can just let you be you for a short time
Hoping an explanation is not what they need to show them that you are fine

That’s why it will always be hard to open up
You are afraid that certain judgements will come up
Society needs to be more understanding than usual
You just don’t want them thinking that you are starting to get delusional


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