All They Ever See Are My Flaws

I’m usually not the type of person who seeks for recognition. It’s fine if you don’t say “good job” or “thank you”, I wouldn’t take it personally. As long as I know I made you happy, I am happy. But the thing is, that happiness goes away when all you can see are my flaws and not my efforts. When a person does something nice for you voluntarily and all you can say is “you did this wrong” or “you didn’t do anything”, those statements alone are worse than not acknowledging them at all. I know you didn’t ask for it but be grateful. Try to overlook the imperfections of what they just did and try to see the intention of why they did it. It’s not every day you see someone do something for you voluntarily so why ruin the day they decide to do it? If you don’t like their efforts, if you don’t like their caring gestures, just keep it to yourself. They’ll eventually get tired. I’ll eventually get tired.


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