Dear Self, Happy Birthday!

You finally survived level 22 of your adventure in life. You’ve been through so many challenges where you almost gave up but you didn’t. You are still young remember that. Even though you weren’t able to fulfill your dreams when you were 22, 23 is another opportunity to achieve those ambitions. Just don’t ever forget…

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Naive Heart

You held my hand and said Don’t worry about the past because it’s dead Let’s focus on the present and forget everything that had happened And I agreed even though the scars will be difficult to mend Every minute, every second Turned out to be a dream no one could reckon But I was right…

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Risky But Worth It

I seek for adventure Where I find myself that has been ruptured I have been blinded and lost the true me A practical and the so-called normal life is the only thing I see I want to live with full of risks I don’t want to regret something and not be able to fix My…

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Like The Sea

I look at the waves in the sea They are like my feelings, they are like me When the waves are big and splash hard They are like my emotions that bombard They just grow and erupt unexpectedly And I just let it all out fully When the waves are small and peacefully covers the…

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Hopeful Gaze

Tired eyes But full of hope Restless nights She is still on the go A quiet space exists She runs and sits Eyes in the sky she stares with a promise Believing in herself is what she should practice

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